Will There Be Yona Of The Dawn Season 2?

Is Season 2 of Yona of the Dawn confirmed? Yona of the Dawn Season 2 has yet to be officially confirmed, hence no release date has been set for this anime series’ second season.

Will Yona of the Dawn get renewed for a second season? When will Yona of the Dawn Season 2 be released?

Here’s all we know so far about the possibility of a Yona of the Dawn anime season 2 in 2022, as well as a possible release date.

Yona of the Dawn, also known as Akatsuki no Yona in Japan, is an anime based on a popular manga series.

Mizuho Kusanagi is the creator and illustrator of the Yona of the Dawn manga series.

Yona of the Dawn is a beautiful romantic anime series with huge fantasy elements, so it’s no surprise that fans all over the world are wondering if there will be a second season.

Yona, a princess, is the protagonist of this anime series.

Yona is a princess and the only successor to the Kouka Kingdom, but her life is turned upside down when the king is assassinated and her beloved cousin Su-won is betrayed.



How many Yona of the Dawn seasons are there?


The Yona of the Dawn anime has only one season and three OVAs. So far, no season 2 of Akatsuki no Yona has been announced.

The Yona of the Dawn 3 OVAs aren’t filler, but they’re also not a direct sequel to the first season. They use material from the manga’s later chapters.

Yona of the Dawn’s first season, consisting of 24 episodes, began in Japan in October 2014. Since then, the series has garnered a considerable fan base who are still yearning for a Season 2 of Yona of the Dawn.

Continue reading to find out if Yona of the Dawn will be renewed for a second season and when Season 2 will air.



Is Yona Of The Dawn getting a second season?


To figure out if there will be a Yona of the Dawn Season 2 and when it will be released, we need to consider two criteria.

The first is the source material, while the second is the amount of profit made in the first season.

We’ll look at both immediately to see if Yona of the Dawn will get a second season.



Manga Yona Of The Dawn Season 2


Manga serves as the basis for the Yona of the Dawn anime.



How many Yona of the Dawn books are there?


Yona of the Dawn contains 37 manga volumes as of January 2022. Yona of the Dawn: Under the Same Moon, a single novel volume, is also available.



Is Yona of the Dawn manga complete?


The Yona of the Dawn manga is still continuing strong, with no end in sight. Yona of the Dawn was first published in 2010, and the author has released three additional volumes every year since then. That’s incredible.

Mizuho Kusanagi, the manga author, published the latest volume in Japan on December 20, 2021.



When will Yona of the Dawn Volume 38 be released?


Volume 38’s release date has yet to be determined, but it will most likely be in April 2022.

After watching the anime, where should I begin reading Yona of the Dawn? Yona of the Dawn manga volume 9 follows the first season.

Take a look at Yona of the Dawn manga Volume 9 in English if you want to pick up where the first season left off.

Volumes 1 to 8 were adapted in the first season, and volume 18 was adapted in the OVAs. Volumes 9 to 16 should be used in the second season.

That means at least three more Yona of the Dawn seasons will be released in 2022.

I strongly advise you to read the Yona of the Dawn manga. Manga is preferred by many fans over anime, because it is the only way for the tale to continue in 2022.



Profitability and sales figures for Yona Of The Dawn



How well did Yona of the Dawn sell on Blu-ray?


For the first season, the Yona of the Dawn Blu-ray sold about 2,800 copies per disk.

The year’s Blu-ray sales haven’t been great. Blu-ray sales aren’t as substantial as they once were, although they were in 2014.



What is the popularity of the Yona of the Dawn manga?


Yona of the Dawn Volume 36 sold approximately 150,000 copies, and Yona of the Dawn Volume 37 sold nearly 100,000 copies in its first week.

Those are fairly impressive sales for a shōjo manga with 37 books. It excludes internet purchases entirely.



How many copies of Yona of the Dawn are currently available?


The Yona of the Dawn series had 14,000,000 copies in print as of December 2, 2021.

It is ranked among the best 100 manga series of all time.



How much merchandise is there for Yona of the Dawn?


There are no figurines, which is not a major surprise, but I did expect at least one or two. There are almost 350 pieces of products developed specifically for this series.

Yona has never had a single figurine, which I find disappointing.

The merchandise amount is adequate but not exceptional, and given the series’ age, I would expect a number closer to 500.

I believe it is now clear that this series did not make a lot of money, which may pose a problem for the second season.



Release Date For Yona Of The Dawn Season 2


Yona of the Dawn Season 2 has no release date as of January 2022 because it has yet to be confirmed, and the second season of Yona of the Dawn will most likely never be released.

That means there will never be a Yona of the Dawn s2 release date, and the reasons are straightforward.

It’s because of the profit in Yona of the Dawn’s instance. The second season of Yona of the Dawn has yet to be released, owing to the fact that the first season was a financial failure.

A new season of anime will only be approved if the previous season was a financial success, which Yona of the Dawn was not.

Profit is frequently the primary reason why many anime series are never renewed, as profit is the most crucial factor.

We would already have the second season of the Yona of the Dawn anime if the production committee chose to do more of it.

It’s pointless to start a new season after seven years. In 2022, the anime fanbase will be largely depleted.

Yona of the Dawn is a popular shjo manga series, so there’s a chance it’ll be rebooted in the future, similar to how Fruits Basket and Shaman King were recently.

It’s not a high probability, yet it exists. For the time being, I wouldn’t expect a release date for Yona of the Dawn’s second season.

As a result, it’s simple to see why this show was never renewed for a second season.

It’s simply not worth it for the production committee.



Season 2 Trailer for Yona Of The Dawn


There is no trailer for Yona of the Dawn season 2 or 3, but we will update this page as soon as one is released on the Akatsuki no Yona official Twitter account.

However, here is a trailer for the first season that you should view if you want to hear how the characters sound with an English dub.




Characters, Cast, and Anime Staff from Yona Of The Dawn


Characters & Cast


Character            Voice Actor

Hak        Ayahi Takagaki

Yona      Chiwa Saitou

Shin-ah Sanae Kobayashi

Jae-ha   Junichi Suwabe


Masakazu Morita

Yun        Junko Minagawa



Anime Staff


Anime Staff Position=     Staff

Director               Kazuhiro Yoneda

Series Composition, Script           Shinichi Inotsume

Character Design             Maho Yoshikawa

Studio   Pierrot


Final Thoughts


In conclusion, a Yona of the Dawn Season 2 is unlikely to happen, although it is possible.

If there is a new anime project for this series in the future, it will most likely be similar to Fruits Basket. A total makeover. So, rather than waiting for the second season to be released, if you want to continue the plot, you should read the manga.

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