Will There Be Re Zero Season 3?

Re Zero Season 3 has yet to be confirmed, hence no release date for the second season of this anime series has been set.

Will there be a third season of Re Zero, and when will it be released?

In this piece, we’ll discuss whether or not Season 3 of the Re Zero anime will air in 2022, as well as a possible release date, but first, some background information:

Re Zero is a wonderful isekai anime series featuring time-travel and psychological aspects. Subaru Natsuki is the main character in this anime series.

Subaru Natsuki is a teenager who finds himself immersed in a fantasy world. He tries to help Emilia, a half-elf, shortly after arriving, only to be slain and resurrected hours later.

So far, there have been almost 50 episodes in the Re:Zero anime series, which spans two seasons. The first season aired with 25 episodes in 2016, while the second season aired in 2020/21 as a split cour. The first portion featured 13 episodes in 2020, while the second part had 12 episodes in 2021.

There are also two OVAs in Re Zero. Memory Snow, the first OVA, takes place between episodes 11 and 12. It’s more of a comedic slice-of-life episode. The Frozen Bond, the second OVA, is a prequel that focuses on Emilia and Puck’s first meeting.

Many fans of this anime series want to know if Re Zero will get a Season 3 and when the next season will be released.

So, let’s see if there will be a third season of Re Zero and when it will be released.



How Can We Tell If Re Zero Season 3 Will Happen?


Looking at the source material status and whether the anime generated a solid profit is the most dependable technique to determine if Re Zero Season 3 will happen.

It’s possible to predict whether an anime series will be continued and when it will be released 95% of the time based on that information.

And I checked that information for Re Zero, so read this article if you want to know if there will be a season 3 or even a Re Zero season 4.

After reading this article, you will be able to determine whether Re Zero season 3 will be revealed in 2022, as well as the season 3 release date.

Let’s begin with the original source material.



Manga & Light Novel Re Zero Season 3


The anime Re Zero, known in Japan as Ri:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, is based on a popular light novel.

Tappei Nagatsuki wrote the Re Zero light novel series, which was drawn by Shin’ichir Tsuka.



How many Re Zero volumes are there?


The Re Zero light novel series has had 28 volumes published in Japan as of February 2022.

A Re Zero manga, five side-story volumes, and six short story collections are also available. The manga is only on arc 4 right now, much behind the light novels.



Is The Re Zero Light Novel Still Going?


Yes, in the year 2022, the Re Zero light novel series is still running strong. The author, Tappei Nagatsuki (Vivy), released the most recent volume on December 24, 2021 in Japan.

In 2021, three new volumes were released. In addition, the release date for Re Zero Light Novel Volume 29 is March 2022.



Re Zero Light Novel After Season 2?


Volume 16 of the Re Zero Light Novel series follows season 2. Volumes 1 to 9 were adapted in the first season, and volumes 10 to 15 were adapted in the second.

Check out Re Zero Light Novel Volume 16 in English if you want to pick up where the second season of Re Zero left off.

Arcs 1 to 3 were adapted in the first season of Re Zero, while arc 4 was adapted in the second season, so arc 5 begins at volume 16 and finishes at volume 20.

That means there will be enough content in 2022 for at least two more seasons of Re Zero.

I strongly advise you to read the Re Zero light novels. Many fans prefer books to animation, and it is the only way for the plot to continue in 2022.



Re Zero Profitability For Season 3


If there’s one reason why 90% of anime series are only renewed for one or two seasons, it’s because they don’t earn enough money.

As a result, it’s vital to look into Re Zero’s profitability and sales numbers.



How Well Did The Re Zero Blu-Ray Sell?


For the first season, the Re Zero Blu-ray sold about 12,000 copies per disk.

On average, the second season sold 5,000 copies. Also, the figures are for Japan only, and do not include the English-language release of Re Zero Blu-ray.

For 2021, a score of 5,000 is great. People aren’t buying as many Blu-Rays as they used to because of streaming.



How Successful Are The Re Zero Light Novels?


Volume 27 of Re Zero sold roughly 35,000 copies, while volume 28 sold 33,000, which is not bad for 2022.

The light book sales are respectable, though not particularly high for such a popular series.

The second season had little effect on the sales of light novels. With each new volume, they continue to deteriorate.



How many copies of Re Zero are available?


The Re Zero series had 11,000,000 copies in print as of December 22, 2021.

It is one of the all-time top 15 most popular light novel series.

Because light novel sales aren’t great, it’s unlikely to crack the top five, but given how long this series is going to be, it could crack the top ten.



What is the current state of the Re Zero mobile game?


The Re Zero Lost in Memories smartphone game earned more than $1 million in Japan in December 2021, according to Sensor Tower.

That’s really good for a low-budget mobile game that’s been out for over a year and doesn’t have any anime airing.

I’m curious if Sega will ever make the Re Zero Lost in Memories game available in English. Re Zero has a huge fan base in the United Kingdom.



How Much Re Zero Merchandise Is There?


There are over 625 figures, which is ridiculous. There are almost 3,600 pieces of products developed specifically for this series. That is an incredible sum.

Some of the figurines, such as Emilia and Winter Maid Rem, are stunning. Take a look at this lovely Echidna as well.

Re Zero has gotten more merchandise in two seasons than most anime series get in a lifetime.

This series produced enough money to justify a couple more seasons, therefore money and profit will not be a concern for Re Zero Season 3.

If you’re a fan of the Re Zero series, I strongly advise you to look into Re Zero merchandise. This franchise has some excellent merchandise.



Will Re Zero get a third season?


Season 3 will carry on the story from season 2 and continue the anime. The only uncertainty is when it will be released, as there will be a third season of Re Zero.

So, it’s only a matter of time before the next season of Re Zero arrives, and Re Zero Season 3 Episode 1 will be available on Crunchyroll.

The more intriguing topic is when will Re Zero’s third season be released. Let’s take a look at the most probable release date.



Season 3 of Re Zero has a release date


The earliest Re Zero season 3 release date is 2023, but it’s looking more and more like the third season of this anime will have to wait until 2024.

It takes two years on average for a two-season series to get a new season. That is why I believe it will be released in 2023.

Re Zero, on the other hand, may get a third season in early 2024. The studio, White Fox, is the reason behind this.

White Fox lost a lot of employees, including Tsunaki Yoshikawa, the animation producer who worked on both seasons of Re Zero.

We can definitely agree that Season 2 was a step backwards from Season 1. And the difficulty is that outstanding animation is required for Season 3 of Re: Zero to be a success. There is more action in this season than in the prior two seasons combined.

White Fox is unlikely to give Re Zero season 3 the adaptation it need, given all of the talent that has left the company in recent years. We’ll have to wait and see if White Fox teams up with another company or hires a slew of freelancers.

In other words, assuming White Fox can continue to produce season 3, the most likely release date is 2023, but if Re Zero finds a new studio, 2024 is more plausible.

The bad news is that Re Zero will be absent from this year’s Anime Japan.

The Isekai Quartet movie, if released in the first half of 2022, is the next best hope for a third season announcement.

If there is any news about the third season on the official Re Zero Twitter account, I will update this site.

Finally, there will be a third season of Re Zero, and we should hear about it this year or early in 2023 in the worst case scenario.

To support the Re Zero series, check out the Re Zero anime merch or the Re Zero Light Novels, which continue the plot beyond the anime.



Trailer for Season 3 of Re Zero


There is no trailer for Re Zero season 3 or 4 to view because the third season has yet to be confirmed for 2022.

Here’s a trailer that a fan made joining videos from the other seasons to get a trailer for re zero season 3.



Characters, Cast, and Anime Staff from Re Zero



Characters & Cast


Character Voice Actor
Subaru Yuusuke Kobayashi
Emilia Rie Takahashi
Rem Inori Minase
Ram Rie Murakawa
Beatrice Satomi Arai
Roswaal Takehito Koyasu



Anime Staff


Anime Staff Position Staff
Director Masaharu Watanabe
Series Composition, Script Masahiro Yokotani
Character Design Shinichirou Ootsuka
Studio White Fox






Hopefully, you now know whether or not Re Zero Season 3 or perhaps Re Zero Season 4 will be released. We’ll see if there’s any news about a new season of this anime in 2022.

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