Will There Be Noragami Season 3?

The release date for Noragami Season 3 has yet to be determined, so there is no set date for this anime series’ third season.

Will there be a third season of Noragami, and when will it be released? Is the question tha a lot fans make trying to get the answer they want to hear.

We’ll discuss whether or not Noragami anime Season 3 will air in 2022, as well as a possible release date, in this post, but first, some background information:

Noragami is a superb supernatural-themed shounen-action anime series. Yato is the main character in this anime series.

Yato, a nameless god without a shrine, is trying to build one befitting of a god in this novel. He meets Hiyori Iki, a typical middle school kid, and offers his assistance in exchange for 5 yen.

So far, there have been over 25 episodes in the Noragami anime series, which spans two seasons. The first season, Noragami Aragoto, aired with 12 episodes in 2014, and the second season, Noragami Aragoto, aired with 13 episodes in 2015.

In addition, there are four OVAs. All four OVAs are canon and adapt chapters or side tales from the Noragami manga.

Many fans of this anime series want to know if Noragami will get a Season 3 and when the new season will be released.

So, let’s see if Noragami will have a third season and when Noragami Season 3 will be released.



How Can We Figure Out If There Will Be Noragami Season 3?


Looking at the source material status and whether the anime generated a decent profit is the most dependable technique to determine whether Noragami Season 3 will happen.

It’s possible to predict whether an anime series will be continued and when it will be released 95% of the time based on that information.

You’ll know whether Noragami season 3 will be announced in 2022 after reading this article, as well as the release date for season 3.

Let’s begin with the original source material.



Manga Noragami Season 3


The anime Noragami, also known as in Japan, is based on a popular manga.

Adachitoka is the author and illustrator of the Noragami manga series. It’s a fictitious name used by two female mangakas.



How many Noragami volumes are there?


The Noragami manga series has had 24 volumes released in Japan as of January 2022.

A side story manga for Noragami: Stray Stories was released in 2013.



Is The Noragami Manga Still Going?


Yes, the manga series Noragami is still going strong in 2022. On October 15, 2021, Adachitoka, the manga author, released the latest volume in Japan.

Two new manga volumes were released in 2021. Also, no publishing date for Noragami manga volume 25 has been set, but it is expected to be released in 2022.



What Will Happen to the Noragami Manga After Season 2?


Volume 10, or Chapter 38, of the Noragami manga follows season 2. Volumes 1 to 4 were adapted in the first season, and volumes 5 to 9 were adapted in the second.

Check out Noragami Manga Volume 10 in English if you want to pick up where the second season of Noragami left off.

Every season of Noragami has used four to five volumes, therefore volume 10 will likely be the start of season 3 and volume 14 or 15 would most likely be the finish.

That means there will be enough material for at least three more seasons of Noragami in 2022.

I strongly advise you to read the Noragami manga. Manga is preferred by many fans over anime, because it is the only way for the tale to continue in 2022.



Season 3 Profitability of Noragami


If there’s one reason why 90% of anime series are only renewed for one or two seasons, it’s because they don’t earn enough money.

As a result, it’s vital to look into Noragami’s profitability and sales numbers.



How Popular Was The Noragami Blu-Ray?


For the first season, the Noragami Blu-ray sold about 4,400 copies each disk. Only 1,800 copies of the second season were sold.

The figures are just for Japan, hence the English release of Noragami Blu-ray is not included.

Only 1,800 copies were sold, which is a poor number for a popular series like Noragami, especially in 2015. This is also a 65 percent decrease from the previous season.



How Popular Is The Noragami Manga?


Volume 23 of Noragami sold roughly 55,000 copies, but Volume 24 sold only 45,000 copies.

That’s not good for 2022, and it’s not what this series used to be about.

The downturn in manga sales could be attributed to digital sales, but it’s more likely that the slow-release speed is to blame. Each volume of Noragami used to sell 200,000 copies.



How many copies of Noragami are available?


No official figure exists for Noragami, but it is estimated to be around 8,000,000 copies.

It does not rank among the top 200 manga series of all time.

It would be in the top 200 if manga sales hadn’t declined so much per volume and the release tempo had been a little faster.



How Much Noragami Merchandise Is There?


There are just about five figures, which isn’t too many. There are around 600 pieces of products developed specifically for this series. That is a substantial sum.

Apart from a few excellent Noragami posters, it’s difficult to locate much about the Noragami series in 2022.

Noragami had a hard time obtaining figurines. The merchandise numbers, on the other hand, are satisfactory but not exceptional. The average number of people per season is between 200 and 300.

This series, particularly the second season of Noragami Aragoto, did not earn a strong profit, which is an issue for Noragami Season 3.

If you’re a fan of the Noragami series, I highly recommend checking out the Noragami goods. This franchise has some excellent merchandise.



Will There Be A Season 3 Of Noragami?


Season 3 would continue the story and anime from season 2, although Noragami season 3 is unlikely to ever be released.

That implies Noragami will never get a new season, and Noragami Season 3 Episode 1 will not be available on Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Netflix.

The more intriguing topic is why is Noragami’s third season never released? Let’s take a look at what transpired throughout Noragami Season 3 now.



Noragami Season 3: What Happened?


Because this series, particularly the second season, did not earn a good profit, there is no Noragami Season 3 release date.

There is nothing that creates money for this franchise in 2022.

Manga sales in 2022 are only around 20% of what they were in 2016, and there hasn’t been any new merchandise for this series in years.

The official website and other social media channels are no longer marketing the series, which they should be if a third season was planned.

Because one of the authors has medical concerns, the source material is also a problem. The manga was put on hiatus for a year and never returned.

The Noragami manga used to be released in three volumes every year, but currently it only has one, with two new volumes released every few years. It wouldn’t surprise me if it came to an end in 2023.

Noragami was a popular series in 2014/15, thus I won’t rule out the possibility of a new season being published. This year is most likely the series’ final chance to get a new anime production launched.

So, unless a new season is announced on the official Noragami Twitter account in 2022, no new season will be issued.

To summarize, there will very certainly never be a third season of Noragami, and if there is no news by 2022, don’t hold your breath for a release date.



Trailer for Noragami Season 3


There is no trailer for Noragami season 3 or 4 to view because the third season has yet to be confirmed for 2022.

However, here’s a trailer for the second season, which you should watch to remember how fantastic Noragami’s second season was.


Characters, Cast, and Anime Staff from Noragami


Characters & Cast


Character Voice Actor
Yato Hiroshi Kamiya
Yukine Yuki Kaji
Hiyori Maaya Uchida
Bishamon Miyuki Sawashiro
Kazuma Jun Fukuyama
Kofuku Aki Toyosaki


Anime Staff


Anime Staff Position Staff
Director Koutarou Tamura
Series Composition, Script Hitomi Mieno
Character Design Toshihiro Kawamoto
Studio Bones



Final Thoughts


Hopefully, you now know whether or not Noragami Season 3 or possibly Noragami Season 4 will be released. I don’t believe a third season will ever be made, but if any news or speculations of a third season emerge, I will update this article.

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