Will There Be Eromanga Sensei Season 2?

Eromanga Sensei Season 2 has yet to be formally confirmed, hence no release date has been set for this anime series’ second season.

Will there be a Season 2 of Eromanga Sensei, and when will it be released? This is the question that a lot of fans make. We’ll discuss whether or not Eromanga Sensei anime season 2 will air in 2022, as well as a possible release date, in this post, but first, some background information.

Eromanga Sensei is a superb ecchi-themed romantic comedy anime series. Sagiri Izumi is the main character in this anime series.

Sagiri Izumi, a girl who became Masamune Izumi’s step-sister, is the protagonist of the novel. When their parents die suddenly, their new family is torn apart, and Sagiri becomes a shut-in, cut off from her brother and society.

So far, the anime series Eromanga Sensei has had around 12 episodes spread out across one season. Eromanga Sensei’s first season aired from April to June 2017. In addition, in 2019, two OVAs were released.

Yamada Elf’s Love Song is the first OVA, while Cooked Meals of Pure Love is the second OVA. Both OVAs are entertaining to see.

Many fans of this anime series want to know if Eromanga Sensei will get a Season 2 and when the new season will be released.

So, let’s see if Eromanga Sensei will have a second season and when Eromanga Sensei Season 2 will be released.



How Can We Tell If There Will Be A Season 2 Of Eromanga Sensei?


The most reliable technique to determine whether or not Eromanga Sensei Season 2 will happen is to look at the source material status and whether or not the anime was profitable.

It’s possible to predict whether an anime series will be continued and when it will be released 95% of the time based on that information.

After reading this article, you’ll know if Eromanga Sensei season 2 will be announced in 2022 and when it will be released.

Let’s begin with the original source material.



Manga & Light Novel Eromanga Sensei Season 2


The anime series Eromanga Sensei, also known as in Japan, is based on a popular light book.

Tsukasa Fushimi wrote the Eromanga Sensei light novel series, which was illustrated by Hiro Kanzaki.


How many Eromanga Sensei volumes are there?


The Eromanga Sensei light novel series has had 12 volumes published in Japan as of January 2022.

There’s also a manga called Eromanga Sensei. The manga is merely a visual adaptation of the light novel, and it already has a rushed conclusion without adapting all of the novels.


Is the Eromanga Sensei light novel still in production?


In the year 2022, the Eromanga Sensei light book series is still running strong. On November 9, 2019, Tsukasa Fushimi (Oreimo) released the most recent volume in Japan.

In 2020 and 2021, no new volumes were issued. Because the author is now working on an Oreimo spin-off, no Eromanga Sensei Light Novel volume 13 release date has been set.


After the First Season, Will There Be Another Eromanga Sensei Light Novel?


Volume 4 of the Eromanga Sensei light book series follows the first season. Volumes 1 to 3 were adapted in the first season, while both OVAs are unique stories.

Start reading Eromanga Sensei Light Novel Volume 4 if you wish to pick up the plot where the first season left off.

The first season of Eromanga Sensei used three volumes, therefore season 2 will presumably begin with volume 4 and end with volume 6.

That means there will be enough material for at least three more seasons of Eromanga Sensei in 2022.



Season 2 Profitability of Eromanga Sensei


If there’s one reason why 90% of anime shows are only renewed for one season, it’s because they don’t earn enough money and profit.

That is why Eromanga Sensei’s profitability and sales data must be scrutinized.


How Successful Was The Eromanga Sensei Blu-Ray?


For the first season, the Eromanga Sensei Blu-ray sold about 7,700 copies each disk. That’s a very good figure.

In 2019, the two OVAs sold roughly 11,000 copies. That’s an improvement over the first season.

There aren’t many anime shows that didn’t get a new season despite selling over 7,000 copies per Blu-ray disk in 2017.


How Successful Is The Eromanga Sensei Light Novel?


Eromanga Sensei volume 11 sold about 25,000 copies, and volume 12 sold about 20,000 copies.

Eromanga Sensei doesn’t make a lot of money from his publications.

While 20,000 sales each book isn’t awful, it’s hardly ideal for a series with an anime adaptation. Also, Eromanga Sensei hasn’t produced a new light novel volume in over two years.


How many copies of Eromanga Sensei’s book are currently in print?


The Eromanga Sensei series had 1,600,000 volumes in print as of June 6, 2020.

It isn’t among the top 100 best-selling light book series.

This series will almost certainly never make the top 100. It would require at least five more volumes, which I doubt will be forthcoming. I’m not sure if a season 2 bump would make a difference.


How Much Eromanga Sensei Merchandise Is There?


There are around 50 figurines in all, but only about ten of them are of decent quality. There are almost 350 pieces of products developed specifically for this series. That’s a reasonable sum.

Some of the figures, like as this Elf Yamada Nendoroid, are stunning. Take a peek at this amazing Sagiri Figure as well.

Eromanga Sensei did a good job procuring items and figures. It was above normal for only one cour season.

We may deduce from the above that this series was successful, so money and profit will not be a concern for Eromanga Sensei season 2.



Will Eromanga Sensei get a second season?


Season 2 of Eromanga Sensei would carry the tale ahead and continue the anime from season 1, although it is unlikely to be released.

That implies there will never be a new Eromanga Sensei season, and Eromanga Sensei Season 2 Episode 1 will not be available on Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Netflix.

The more intriguing topic is why is Eromanga Sensei’s second season never released? Let’s take a look at what transpired in Season 2 of Eromanga Sensei.



What Happened To Eromanga Sensei Season 2?


Because of the author, there is no Eromanga Sensei Season 2 release date.

Tsukasa Fushimi, the author, took a vacation from Eromanga Sensei. He went to work on Ayase, Kuroneko, and Kanako’s Oreimo spin-off light novels.

The Kanako spin-off was launched on September 10, 2021, and a sequel is expected in 2022. So it appears that Eromanga Sensei will not have a volume 13 in 2022.

That means there will be three years without a new Eromanga Sensei book. I’m not sure if Eromanga Sensei has piqued the author’s curiosity.

He should finish it before taking a three-year break to try something different. According to what I’ve read, one or two more volumes of Eromanga Sensei should suffice to complete the story.

Given that the first season was released five years ago, the prospects of a second season, even if profitable, are slim.

If there were any intentions for season two, it would have come out a long time ago, but you never know with Kadokawa. Season 2 of Eromanga Sensei has a good chance of succeeding.

By the end of 2022, the Oreimo spin-offs are likely to be completed, and we’ll know whether the author will return to finish the Eromanga Sensei series.

If there is no mention of a new season in 2022 on the official Twitter account of Eromanga Sensei, a new season will never be released.

To summarize, there will very certainly never be a second season of Eromanga Sensei, and if there is no news by 2022, don’t hold your breath for a release date.



Trailer for Eromanga Sensei 2


There is no Eromanga Sensei Season 2 or Eromanga Sensei Season 3 teaser to view because a second season has yet to be announced for 2022.

On the other side, if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a trailer for Eromanga Sensei’s first season.


Characters, Cast, and Anime Staff from Eromanga Sensei


Characters & Cast


Character Voice Actor
Sagiri Izumi Akane Fujita
Elf Yamada Minami Takahashi
Masamune Izumi Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Megumi Jinno Ibuki Kido
Muramasa Senju Saori Oonishi
Takasago Tomoe Yui Ishikawa


Anime Staff


Anime Staff Position Staff
Director Ryouhei Takeshita
Series Composition, Script Tatsuya Takahashi
Character Design Hiro Kanzaki
Studio A-1 Pictures



Final Thoughts


Hopefully, you now know whether or not Eromanga Sensei Season 2 or perhaps Eromanga Sensei Season 3 will be released. We’ll see if there’s any news about a new season of this anime in 2022 or 2023.

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