Black Lagoon Season 3: Release Date

Do you want to know when Black Lagoon season 3 will be released, or if the anime will get a third season at all?

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Black Lagoon Season 3 in 2021. You’ll also find out when the long-awaited new season will be available to watch.

In Japan, Black Lagoon is known as BLACK LAGOON and is a popular anime television series that many anime fans like. Rei Hiroe wrote and illustrated the manga that served as the inspiration for this anime.

Many people are looking forward to the premiere of Black Lagoon Season 3 Episode 1 in 2021. It’s been 15 years since the anime’s second season, Black Lagoon, first aired in 2006.

It’s great to see that this action anime series still has a lot of fans who can’t wait for the next season. So, let’s see if Black Lagoon will be renewed for a third season.



How Many Seasons Does Black Lagoon Have?


Anime studio Madhouse is currently working on two seasons of Black Lagoon. The first season had 12 episodes, and the second season, Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage, had 12 as well. In 2011, an OVA was produced for this series.

Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail is the name of the 5-episode OVA series. It’s the third season of the anime, and it’s a continuation of the first. For the most part, though, it is not. For the Black Lagoon series in 2021, that’s all there is to look forward to.



Is there going to be a third season of Black Lagoon?


There is no official word on whether a third season of the Black Lagoon anime will be produced, however it is unlikely but not impossible. This anime series is quite old, yet as indicated in the image below, there is still some interest in Black Lagoon Season 3 in 2021.

Because of the manga, there was no announcement of a third season of Black Lagoon. A fresh season of this anime will not be possible due to a lack of material. The author also takes long breaks from writing. In the last ten years, only two new volumes have been published.

That’s why, instead of a complete season, we got a 5-episode OVA. It’s a pity, because this is a popular and well-selling series. There is still no new season’s material. As a result, a third season is unlikely for the time being.



Release Date for Season 3 of Black Lagoon


Season 3 of Black Lagoon is unlikely to be released. There is a slim probability that this anime series will have a premiere date. We’ll let you know if the third season gets a release date from the Black Lagoon official Twitter account.

We would have known the release date for Black Lagoon Season 3 a long time ago if the manga had a decent schedule and enough material. After 16 years, it appears that there will never be a release date for the second season.



Is Black Lagoon Complete?


There will almost certainly be no third season. That means the anime adaptation of the Black Lagoon series is complete. Because the manga for this series is still ongoing, the story has come to an end. On August 19, 2021, the author, Rei Hiroe, published the final volume.

Season 3 of Black Lagoon would continue the tale by covering the remaining manga volumes. It would show us how the story progresses after the five-episode OVA series concluded in 2011.

However, that is unlikely to happen, so if you want to know what happens next in the tale after the OVA, read the manga. Since the first two seasons of the anime and the OVA covered volumes 1 to 9, you can start with Black Lagoon manga volume 10.

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Black Lagoon Season 3 Trailer


Below you can watch the trailer for Black Lagoon Season 3.


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